The Pastry Shop

a sweet time since 1930

The Pastry Shop

dal 1930 il tempo con dolcezza


Almonds and orange honey blend together to give life to our crunchy pure almond, simply the best italian nougat appreciated and known throughout the world.
It is the excellent product of our Pastry, made exclusively with carefully selected ingredients and following the ancient recipe of grandfather Rocco.

Mandorle e miele d’arancio si fondono insieme per dar vita al nostro torrone di pura mandorla, apprezzato e conosciuto in tutto il mondo.



The choice of quality raw materials is also fundamental in the preparation of chocolate, to give our products an intense and unmistakable taste.
We produce a vast assortment of pralines filled with very fine chocolate, but also bars of pure dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or Langhe hazelnut.


Our panettone are made exclusively with our mother yeast, over 90 years old, which guarantees a unique taste, an aromatic bouquet and an optimal preservation of the product.
With our panettone we earned second place in the category and the first place for packaging in the contest “Il panettone secondo Caracciolo”, and in 2019 win the 1° place award at the contest “Panettone senza confini”


Tradition and innovation are the two concepts we use in confectionery. In fact, most of our desserts are still made following grandfather Rocco’s techniques and recipes. But the passion, the study and the research have allowed us to experiment with new flavors and tastes.
Our offer is really very wide and at the base of every preparation there is the choice and the use of quality raw materials.
Croissants and braids with natural leavening, sospiri stuffed with light custard, pastas with icing, cassatine, almond pastries, mafaldine, are just some of the delights of our pastry shop.


As in fresh and dry pastry even for cakes our proposal is very wide.
Beyond the personalized cakes for every occasion, our daily assortment includes classic Italian pastry creations such as millefoglie, mimosa, profitterol, tarts, sacher, ice cream cakes, semifreddi, fruit cakes and cakes with light creams like mousses.


The use of our mother yeast and the slow natural leavening of 48 hours make our colomba soft, tasty and fragrant.
We have studied some variations of this typical Easter cake, choosing to enhance the products and tastes of our land, without ever losing sight of the traditional recipe.

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